How to find your Ring size?
Sterling silver rings are great jewellery to have in your collection because they are versatile, durable, and come in a range of different styles and designs. When you are looking for new rings for your silver ring collection, it is important that you find the right ring size. When you are looking for silver rings online, it is even more important to make sure you know what your ring size is.

With Fidan London jewellery , we both offer sized silver rings and adjustable silver rings. It might be slightly hard to decide your ring size when you are buying silver rings online. Therefore, we would like to make sure you have 14 days return on any purchase at .

How to measure Ring Size at home:
You can measure your ring size easily using a tape measure that you have at your home. Wrap the tape measure around your finger. It must be wrapped around the base of the finger under the knuckle. To mark the size, use a marker to draw a line where the tape measure connects. Unwrap the tape measure and note the size where the marker is. Once you know your finger size in cm/inches, you can use those measurements to determine the ring size from the chart below.