About us:

Fidan London was founded with a vision: we wanted to provide you with luxury creations with a Middle Eastern twist. Both Affordable, Chic and Unique in Design. Whether it is to treat yourself or your close ones, we will be planting a Tree with every purchase.

So far we have planted 1000 trees Worldwide with our partner One Tree Planted 501(c)3.

What does Fidan mean?

Fidan roughly translates to 'young tree' in Turkish, also being the founders late Mothers name. We wanted to incorporate giving back to the environment as a brand and felt this was the best way to do so!

Who is the Founder?

Hi everyone, it's Gulten here, wanted to give a warm welcome to my page!

I started this brand with the vision of having a wide range of beautiful creations readily available and affordable to everyone. My love for Jewellery comes from my travels to my homeland in Turkey, where me and my mum would buy our jewellery from, as it was more affordable and unique in design. I wanted to bring that to my home in London, where others can also experience this and here we are!

We hope you shopping with us.